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My Future Plans, or Why IT Is Evil

I do a lot of tech support for friends, installing emulators, drivers, fixing hardware, etc. Lots of little things. As a result, people say “JD! You should do IT.” To which I reply “Heck no.” Here’s the thing. I am perfectly good at IT, and I would probably have a decent career in it, but I don’t want to. For every person who appreciates the work you do, there’s three who say that you’ve messed things up more, demands a refund, or has no idea what’s going on at all, just “make it work,” to whom I say “Move to mobile computing. Probably iOS.” I do this stuff for friends because they’re mildly tech literate and they’re my friends. I’d be infinitely peeved at the average joe who was browsing smut ad got XYZ viruses and worms. Let me do my passion, which is programming. Let me make apps and tinker. Work for a company that’s pushing an envelope in some way, shape or form. Go to grad school, do research. Just don’t put me in a box because I’m in CS and I’m good at IT. 

Back when Bear Stearns Bravo launched, I did a WHOIS request, and found that Synydyne is based in my hometown of Albany, NY. However, the address has been lost to time, as they’ve updated the WHOIS with a privacy block. Anyone still have the WHOIS lying around or know how to get around the privacy filter?

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