Just a side note from my time away from the internet: it would appear that Fulham is on their way to the Football League 1. Sad, especially since they just got relegated from the Premier League. But on the bright side, my favored club, Norwich City F.C., seems to be on their way back to the Premier League, so long as they keep scoring and somehow make their way through the playoffs.

MLS Next, the direction this indicates for the league, and some personal thoughts

I end my internet hiatus to discuss the announcement today of MLS Next, the league’s formal re-branding process. Let’s kick things off with the new shield.


Yeah, this ugly thing. It’s not horrendous, per say, but that slash outside the shield isn’t doing itself any favors. I will say that I like the idea that each club has their own version of the shield, but it may not work for both primary and secondary kits. For example, my supported RBNY has a slightly tone swapped version of the base MLS shield. However, that might not work on the blue change kit.

Next, the fact that EA has changed the kits in FIFA 15. Mixed bag, that. Unless EA plans to add NYCFC and Orlando in later, it makes no sense. Yes, it’s FIFA for the 2015 season, but you’re missing two teams that will be part of the 2015 season. (I’m just speculating here; for all I know, NYCFC and Orlando are already in the game.)

So, what does this mean for the league heading forward? Not much, actually. A lot of footballing leagues don’t necessarily have logos that have anything to do with the sport, but MLS is unique in that it has no corporate branding causing that shift. Again, not bad, but definitely strange.

My personal opinion though: I’m not a fan. It looks OK, but it lacks any sort of connection to the game itself. MLS is Tier 1 on the pyramid for two out of three countries in North America, and neither of those countries are big on the sport. Sure, World Cup fever comes around once a year, but we need to promote the sport. Right now, my local paper, the Times Union, has EPL scores in the back, above the MLS scores. How long will that last? How long will the game be in the consciousness of the general US public? We need something that sticks and reminds people of the game, and while this’ll stick, it will be more “What’s that supposed to mean?” Just my two cents though.

Hello & Goodbye Internet

I’m taking a month-long hiatus from the internet. Not entirely, unfortunately. I still have to use it for school. So if you feel the need to contact me, you have my email.

"What caused this change of heart?" you might ask.

It was the nature of the modern internet itself.

You can group most content you see on social media into a few groups. Pointless argument for argument’s sake, BuzzFeed-esque quizzes, misunderstanding of satirical news and scandal. I’ll touch upon all of these briefly, but I’ll hit scandal first.

One content creator that I happen to be a fan of, Maximilian Christianson, moved to Twitch as his main internet revenue stream. As a result, the comments were flooded with people saying that Max promised them XYZ and calling for people to dislike the video. In my opinion, this makes little sense, as he has said repeatedly that his actual job as a video editor comes first, internet second, but people feel so entitled that they feel the need to create a “scandal” around it.
An actual scandal comes with Zoe Quinn, a prominent internet feminist and indie game developer. (I could have gone on about internet feminists, but I’ll leave myself out of that controversy.) Her game about depression was released on the same day that Robin Williams committed suicide, and now she’s accused of having a relationship with Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson simply for good press by her ex-boyfriend. Both Quinn and Grayson have denied the claims, but the internet is doing what it does best: not giving a hoot and vilifying two people on hearsay.

Sick and tired of it.

Satirical news is everywhere. Look at the popularity of Colbert and Stewart. Look at the Onion. (Actually, don’t.) But people all over the globe keep misinterpreting it as real news. There’s a website dedicated to people’s reactions on Facebook, China’s state-run newspaper took an Onion piece as fact, and Facebook’s suggesting adding a [Satire] tag, just because of this.

Sick and tired of it.

BuzzFeed quizzes are likely the most pointless thing on the face of the Earth. Sorry, anyone who likes BuzzFeed quizzes, but much like the definition of insanity, those quizzes are doing the same thing multiple times and expecting anything more than a glib answer that makes no sense to come out. I did my research. I’ve seen the darkness. Please people, stop sharing these things. The vast majority of people do not care.

Sick and tired of it.

The internet troll. Bane of any internet-savvy person, they stir up pointless argument simply to get a rise out of people. We’re all guilty of it. Maybe I’m guilty of it right now, writing this rant. But the internet acts as a conduit and barrier. At the same time that the internet troll is using the internet to send his bile to comment sections everywhere, he is also protected by the relative anonymity of the internet. And right now, I just can’t take anymore.

I’m sick and tired of the internet.

Maybe that’s a good thing. We’re never going to change the culture if people aren’t tired of it. But we’ll see my attitude in a month. Hopefully I’ll be able to see the forest instead of the trees.

This is the one time I’ll agree with the Huffington Post. (Shudders)

I fancy myself a bit of a music buff, and M83’s been one of my favorites since being introduced to Anthony Gonzalez and Co. when I was in middle school when Saturdays = Youth was released. But recently, M83 is in everything. And I’m not talking about when Anthony soundtracked Oblivion or You and the Night. It’s in everything, to evoke, as HuffPo’s Christopher Rosen summarizes “heartbreak, nostalgia, anticipation, jubilation and triumph.”

Not that I’m complaining that people are appreciating M83’s more pensive qualities, but it’s overkill. This past year, I’ve gone from going “Ooh! M83!” to “Ugh. M83.” (And I know, that’s rather hipster of me.)

But this is the case everywhere. Anthony Carboni, formerly of Discovery, posted this nugget on his twitter.

It’s inevitable. There’s something to the downtempo, shoegazing music that makes it perfect for retrospection and discussion. (It’s also good to code to, but that’s a discussion for a different day.)

Tycho, aka Scott Hansen, had a new album that charted at 3 in electronic, 2 in indy with M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Waiting charting at 1 and 3 respectively. It’s clear that these albums and songs aren’t going away. Let’s just hope they don’t over saturate.

Not sure how I feel about meninblazers moving over to NBC. They do cover Soccah quite a bit more, and their focus is very much on the EPL, but it seems that MiB was having a good time of it at Grantland, what with Tiricoism, Bob Ley’s panic room, and Paul Carr blowing minds. I feel that NBC’s soccer coverage is more sterile, and that Toilet and Positive won’t do as well with their humor there.

My understanding is that Petke went all hulk on the team at the break. Good for him too, since he’s seemed like a more subdued facsimile of himself thus far. Secondary props to Henry who, according to Dan Dickinson of Gothamist, broke up the media swarm surrounding Miazga after the game.

Hopefully Hulk Petke and Co. can keep it up for the rest of the season, and it won’t involve being perpetually a man down.

On the day of the inaugural New York Cup, a quick mock up of a MetroStars inspired RBNY kit. None of the elements I used are great, so the bulls and the crest are a bit jagged. But here’s proof that it would work. The red and yellow were a big part of the MetroStars crest, so in the end, even if they did put the honking massive bulls on the chest of the shirt, it still works. Please, RBNY FO, consider this for next year.

I went with an outlined crest because the star here is supposed to be the kit itself and the history it invokes, so showing the red and black through the crest helps with that.

A note to the old-schoolers:
I am aware that the original Metros shorts were black. Unfortunately, Adidas doesn’t offer that as a base option on the shorts in their kit creator, and I’m too lazy to mock up the kits by hand. Plus, it keeps Adidas’ heavy handed design influence as a part of the kit.

I redid the shirt with a red sleeve and a white sleeve after a reblog and suggestion.